SH60 Riwaka NZIPA

Take a ride along State Highway 60.
The sun beats down and a warm breeze blows off Tasman Bay as golden sand beaches
and mountain peaks pass to your left and right.

Slowly the orchards and vineyards give way to acres and acres of hop farms.
In the middle of this green ocean is Riwaka. The hop that is named for this small town is now sought after around the world for its intense flavours of grapefruit, citrus and passionfruit.
Our SH60 NZIPA aims to capture the unique taste of Riwaka in this full bodied hop-forward India Pale Ale.

Hops: Riwaka, Southern Cross, Pacific Jade
Malts: Pilsner, Ale, Munich, Gladiator, Light Crystal
Hoppiness: 5/5
Maltiness: 3/5

ABV 7.4%

Enjoy a guided tasting with our head brewer Brandon here.

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