Hapy Juce - Hazy IPA


We cannot promise you this can of Hapy Juce Hazy IPA will make you hapy. There are no such guarantees in life.

Hapyness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have. Hapyness doesn’t care how expensive your clothes are, or what car you drive. Hapyness is not a place or time or altered state of mind. Hapyness is neither trapped in the past nor is it dreaming of the future.

But whilst hapyness cannot be found in a can, it can be found in the celebration of life’s small pleasures. Brothers Beer have crafted this hazy IPA using an East Coast yeast and an all-American hop blend in the hope that you will find a small measure of hapyness when you drink it, just as we found a little when we brewed it for you.

ABV: 6.7%

Hops: Pink Boots, Ekuanot, Cryo Pop

Malts: Lager Light, Oats, Wheat, Gladiator

Hoppiness: 5/5

Maltiness: 2.5/5

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