Italian Job Hazy IPA


When Head Brewer Brandon took a long overdue trip to the US, our two talented Italian brewers - Alessio and Lorenzo - were left in charge. When a free tank came up we said sure why not, they could brew whatever beer they wanted, just come up with a recipe.

The resulting beer starts with a long malt base, heavy with oats and wheat, fermented with an East Coast yeast. NZ grown Nelson Sauvin was used in the boil then again for late hopping along with American hops Citra, Mosaic and Idaho 7.

The result is Italian Job Hazy IPA - a delicious NZ / Italian / American mash up. This IPA is hazy and deep ochre in colour with lingering sweetness from yeast, overlaid with intense tropical flavour and hop aroma.



ABV: 6%


Hoppiness: 4.5/5

Maltiness: 3.5/5


Enjoy a guided tasting with Lorenzo and Alessio here

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