HOWZAT! XPA is the perfect all-rounder - and the Official sponsor of Last Man Stands

One moment executing a firm stroke through the covers, the next a delicate tickle down leg.

HOWZAT! XPA is capable of bowling a maiden over, and is not afraid to get into it with a bouncer.

HOWZAT! XPA tastes great when listening to chin music, and is the perfect accompaniment to a golden duck.

HOWZAT! XPA is conveniently packaged in a can, in case you lose both of your openers early.

When you’re thirsty just yell HOWZAT! and hopefully you’ll be given!

Please remember that HOWZAT! XPA is not for sloggers. It’s always best to know where your boundaries are. No one wants to be sent to silly point.

ABV: 4.6%

Hoppiness: 3/5

Maltiness: 2/5